Training & Capacity-Building


With Data Privacy Global’s e-training & related services, we can deliver fully-customised on-site or video-based workshops on data privacy, cybercrime & other areas covered by regulatory mandates in the US, EU, Latin America & the Far East.

Predicated on our deep and broad familiarity with both the requirements and global extra-territorial scope of privacy, data protection, cybercrime regulatory mandates, we are able to effectively communicate to help ensure sales, marketing and other staff at the client’s headquarters and world-wide offices are made aware of what is needed to minimise potential risk exposure.

To be as efficient as possible with respect to dedicated time, resources and budget, we have found that training that is successful directly results from content being deemed as important as the delivery mechanism to allow for very high retention by the audience.  Thus, when training staff in world-wide offices, Data Privacy Global (“DPG”) is able to accomplish the following:

  • Broadly outline in the language of the office being trained, and attuned to their business culture, the requirements of current and future privacy, data protection, information security (including data breaches), cybercrime, and other areas covered by applicable local and overseas regulatory mandates.
  • Given our fundamental understanding on how the business community of the office staff being trained operates, DPG’s training achieves our clients’ objectives of minimising potential regulatory risk exposure, as well as also better controlling reputional harm from any negative press.
  • Finally, as compliance training might be used as a marketing tool by our clients as a differentiation point against market competitors, DPG can act as an enabler by working closely with its partner EggHead, Inc. that will provide static and interactive videos in the language of the staff being trained.
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In short, given its regulatory expertise, as well as its global reach via its senior staff located in virtually all major money-centres, DPG is well-positioned to deliver compliance training for various types of clients, from multi-national banks, asset managers, hedge funds and private equity firms to companies providing information services, and generally any regional or global organisation that is responsible for safeguarding highly confidential, market-sensitive client account information and corporate proprietary data.



We also deliver bespoke training and capacity-building workshops, seminars and webinars for international organisations, government entities, company executives and trade associations, non-profit organizations and academic institutions.


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