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  • We undertake research and studies for our clients on the most cutting edge data privacy topics.
  • Here are a few examples:
  • EU-VIETNAM MUTRAP III (Multilateral Trade Assistance Project III): multilateral trade assistance project funded by the European Union to support the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Viet Nam (“MOIT”) on Studies and Researches for Drafting a New Decree on E-Commerce. We wrote a report focused on the analysis and assessment of the regulations aimed to protect the rights of consumers in selected countries (US, EU and China) in the context of e-commerce activities. We also examined existing mechanisms for dispute settlement in e-commerce transactions in those countries and their approach to cross-border dispute settlement. The activity also aimed to provide MOIT with inputs for the formulation of specific provisions on certain aspects of e-commerce, such as electronic contracting, electronic payment, personal information protection, data security, and regulation of special e-commerce business models. The mission’s general objective was to support MOIT in improving the regulation of E-Commerce through the production of a new Draft Decree.