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Privacy & Data Protection

  • Compliance audits assessing compliance with diverse national data protection laws, in particular the EU, US & Latin American privacy and data protection legal frameworks.
  • Security audits: development of policies & procedures that comply with applicables standards.
  • Privacy impact and risk assessments.
  • International data transfer agreements, data processor contracts.
  • Compliance assessment of EU-US Safe Harbour obligations.
  • Information notices and consent forms.
  • Website & mobile website privacy policies.
  • Due diligence to evaluate information privacy and security risks.
  • Protection of databases aimed at collecting, using and otherwise processing personal data.
  • Privacy and data protection strategies for social networking companies.
  • Image and reputation management of online users.

Cloud Computing

  • Service contracts, terms & conditions and privacy policies for cloud vendors.
  • Advice on legal issues arising from the migration of services to cloud services.
  • Advice on the selection of cloud vendors and cloud models.
  • Contract negotiation with cloud vendors.


  • Website legal compliance (terms and conditions & privacy policies).
  • Advice on online marketing strategy and best practices via e-mail, mobile phone and social media.
  • Advice on the creation and commercial exploitation of databases.
  • Data protection and security issues related to e-commerce.
  • Advice on content management.
  • Protection of consumers’ online activities.
  • e-Contracts: elements, negotiation, valid completion, e-signatures, retention, most frequently used contractual terms.

Information Technology

  • Legal support on procurement and delivery of IT systems & services.
  • Advice on outsourcing projects & managed services.
  • Legal support on the development, the hosting, the management of content & the security of websites, web & mobile-platforms.
  • Legal advice on the provision of security services (e.g., video-surveillance systems, antivirus & backup services).

Marketing & Advertising

Legal compliance & risk assessment about:

  • Customer online and offline profiling.
  • Online behavioural advertising.
  • Traditional and new media advertising.


  • Compliance with traffic data retention and preservation regulations.

Consumer protection

  • Policies for e-commerce companies.