• With more than 15 years of experience in the field, we provide clients with global legal and public policy consulting services on all types of data privacy issues – at a truly global level.
  • We handle legal and consulting assignments ranging from strategy, and compliance to government affairs, public advocacy services and information governance.
  • We provide global training and capacity-building services through our global data privacy training service, Data Privacy Global.
  • We are able to help on various technical assistance missions for governments and international organisations.
  • We also undertake research and studies on the most cutting edge data privacy topics.
  • We cover various sectors, including the financial, telecommunications, software and online advertising industries.
  • The topics we handle as they relate to data privacy are the following:

  • international data transfers;
  • cloud computing;
  • online privacy;
  • workplace privacy;
  • telecommunications privacy;
  • consumer privacy;
  • information security;
  • information governance;
  • data breach notifications and incident response management;
  • social media issues and reputation management.