Cédric Laurant Discusses Potential Global Impact of Proposed EU Data Protection Reforms on Financial Firms

The Cross-Border Group Presents:

“Potential Global Impact of Proposed EU Data Protection Reforms on Financial Firms”

(Webcast on 24 April 2012Recording available)

Cédric Laurant of Cedric Laurant Consulting will join a webcast that the informal global industry group and private forum (“CBG”) has put together with data protection and privacy lawyers at major law firms from Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Poland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States, in order to discuss the regulatory trends private funds and other financial services firms on both sides of the Atlantic might expect near- and medium-term in the area of data protection.

The webcast will be recorded for on-demand replay at a later date.

This webcast will not be a mere recitation of the revision of the EU Data Protection Directive announced in early 2012, but will instead be a high-level debate as to the influence such changes might have globally as firms seek to enter or expand operations in both established and emerging markets.

Given the insider dealing and related market abuse regulatory enquiries of the past 6 months, the global financial services industry will be quite interested to learn why it is best to follow far in advance of its expected 2015 effective date recent EU data protection proposals.

The webinar will address the following issues:

  • current state of affairs as to data protection authorities’ mandates in each jurisdiction covered
  • predictions on future trends in mandates in light of the pending EU data protection reforms
  • likelihood of enforcement enquiries

Of particular interest, especially to certain hedge funds, private equity firms, and similar entities per the U.S. Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, will be the practical insight and perspective on whether and how the global financial services industry might fully address, through software, the parallel issues of meeting the requirement of the securities regulator to continually perform effective surveillance of staff and client’s electronic communications, while, at the same time, complying with the mandate of the main or branch office’s local data protection authority to protect their privacy.


  • Introductory Remarks (J.P. Wilson – CBG – New York, USA & London, UK)
  • EU Perspective (Cédric Laurant, Cedric Laurant Consulting – Brussels, Belgium)
  • UK Perspective (Paula Barrett, Eversheds – London, UK)
  • German Perspective (Dr. Alexander Niethammer, Eversheds – Munich, Germany)
  • French Perspective (M. Lemperiere, Eversheds – Paris, France)
  • Polish Perspective (Arwid Mednis (Eversheds – Warsaw, Poland)
  • Swedish Perspective (Nicklas ThorgerzonVinge – Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Canadian Perspective (Lisa Lifshitz, Gowlings – Toronto, Canada)
  • US Perspective (James Shreve, Buckley Sandler – Washington, DC, USA)
  • US/Brazil Perspectives (Fernando Pinguelo, Norris McLaughlin & Marcus – PA & New York, USA)
  • Brazil Perspective (Renato Opice Blum & Renato Leite Monteiro, Opice Blum Advogados Associados – Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  • Hong Kong Perspective (Michael Yau, Eversheds – Hong Kong)
  • Roundtable Discussion: Practical Insights & Global Implications of Future EU Data Protection Reforms
  • Primary Discussion / Debate Issue: Is Software the Solution for A “Rock & Hard Place” Situation?
  • Possibly Facing Securities Firms / Other Regulated or Unregulated Entities?
  • Other CBG Member Issues & Questions.
  • General Suggestions & Recommendations.
  • Conclusion.



Host: Global Compliance Consultancy Group

When? Monday, 24 April 2012, at 07:15-09:00 (EST/GMT-4) / 13:15-15:00 (CET/GMT+2)

How? Webcast: live event (and recorded for on-demand replay at a later date)

For more information and to get the URL to the webcast recording, please email us (info [at] cedriclaurant [dot] com) or leave us a voice mail at +1 202 470-6870.


Cross-Border Group webcast: “Potential Global Impact of Proposed EU Data Protection Reforms on Financial Firms” (24 April 2012)

Cross-Border Group webcast: “Potential Global Impact of Proposed EU Data Protection Reforms on Financial Firms” (24 April 2012)